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Semiconductor Distribution Simplified

Meet Our Team

Eric Wiggins

Eric Wiggins

Vice President of Sales
Tin Nguyen

Tin Nguyen

Trading Manager
Andy Campos

Andy Campos

Logistics Manager
Giang Pham

Giang Pham

Test Engineer

Accelerate Your Electronic Component Delivery

Streamline your supply chain and reduce costs with one-stop procurement.

Time to Market

Resolve shortages, maintain production and improve time to market with our experienced sales engineering team.

Let us help you with EOL

Manage inventory and avoid disruption to your production cycle. Our engineers can source your obsolete, end of life and hard to find parts.


Counterfiet Testing

Certificate of Conformance

Intelligent Distribution

Sales Engineering Support


Price Matching

Deep Spectrum Procurement

Inventory Management

Warranty and Net Terms

Intelligent Solutions

Your Intelligence and time are invested in Innovation and development, Let Vyrian worry about the procurement and quality of subcomponent requirements for those developments.



We are responsible for uncompromised quality for your most sensitive applications testing today. Request AS6081

Accelerated delivery solutions for when time matters.

We can minimize risk and unnecessary complication in your supply chain

Eliminate component shortages and meet critical production milestones with our deep spectrum sourcing

How We Support You?

Optimized Supply

Next level supply chain and sourcing intelligence while balancing uncompromised quality

Vyrian is here to help you manage your stocks, from forecasting to shipping and logistics. Not only do we save your time, but management costs on Inventory are preserved. Using resources such as EOL, Flexible VMI, and LTB, we improve efficiency in operations and drive your business's focus.

We are here to manage your Inventory for you. Just relax!

  • We enable you to access various media in ownership of Inventory, using that of the customer of ours.
  • Reduction in the number of staff in warehouses using our team of VMI specialists and storage space.
  • Our logistics facility and shipping hubs are located in strategic places to ensure quick delivery to our customers.
  • We guarantee the security of your components in our ESD 20/20 warehouse facility. Protection of your Inventory is our primary aim.
  • Explore the opportunities Vyrian presents as a central location for all your demands across various areas.
  • You acquire a comprehensive portal when you partner with Vyrian. With this, you can easily track your Inventory using online tools.

We do all the work for you from planning and tracking to maintenance and replacement of your Inventory to suit you.

Explore Vyrian's solution to your inventory problems and help your business grow.

Supply Chain Solutions

What Clients Say?

My experience has been fantastic so far. My sales rep is very helpful and responsive. She has been pleasant to work with. The availability of the components I have inquired about up to this point has been impressive as well. I will keep inquiring and hope you can continue the positive service I've experienced up to this point.

Environmental Devices Manufacturing

The module we needed went obsolete, and we were not able to find it anywhere. Vyrian was able to get us the parts we needed in a reasonable time frame. Account Manager was good at accommodating our rushed time frame and keeping us up to date on changes encountered with our order. Great experience overall.

Research and Development


Medical Device Manufacturer

You guys were able to get me the component I needed at a MOQ that was much lower than other places. As a small business that was extremely helpful.

Small Manufacturing business

Thank you Vyrian team for prompt, professional service. I will definitely order again!

Aerospace Industry

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