Abbatron is one of the leading designers and manufacturers of American-made electronic components. They render their services to various industries like aerospace, audio, industrial, and other US government clients. 

Abbatron is dedicated to promoting customer success through delivering high-end and high-quality electronic components and services while working with customers’ budgets and being timely. Abbatron offers a wide range of products in sections. They have the Plugs, Jacks, and Posts section, including standard, miniature, giant banana plugs, jacks, binding posts, etc. They also have test categories which include test lead kits, jumpers, alligator clips, etc. Their other sections are the Spacers and Standoffs, which includes aluminum, brass, nylon, phenolic spacers, etc., and hardware sections including bumpers and chassis feet, hole plugs, high voltage insulators, instrument handle, insulating washers, etc. 

Abbatron’s fifty years of experience in manufacturing custom and standard quality electronic components, connectors, cables assemblies, etc., makes them one of the most sought-after electronic companies.