For more than 35 years, Adam Tech has delivered a broad scope of cable assemblies and global class connectors. The services came with a promise of affordability. Their innovative connector models and reduced production capabilities come with a lesser cost and boost performance in a wide range of applications. Adam Tech can create concepts into tools, designs, and production.

Adam Tech aims to surpass client’s needs and anticipation while giving high-quality commodities; with the wealthiest point of services available.

Adam Tech has made it a duty to attend to quality goals such as comply with necessary applicable statutory, customer requirements and regulatory give error-free products and services.

Leverage the reoccurring manufacturing technologies to create good processes available while keeping the most significant scope of service, support, and quality.

Adam Tech recognizes the limitation of dangerous materials in their products that affect the environment, electronics industry, and human health. Therefore, their products comply with China RoHS, Deca BDE, China VOC, RoHS 3 Directive EU 2015/863 with no exceptions, REACH Annex XVII, ODC’s, clashing mining, and metals, Halogen-free, California prop 65, and POP’s.