Aimtec was founded in 2002 and they are mainly known for the manufacturing of top-quality converters. Aimtec has its headquarters in Montreal, Canada with several other offices spread across Europe and Asia. Aimtec is a private company that manufactures products that help customers reduce costs and enjoy performance-enhancing products. 

Aimtec has a distribution sector that is also as functioning as the manufacturing sector and that is why meeting up with delivery deadlines has never been an issue for them. They sort orders for their converters according to the specifications and then take their time using the expertise of their engineers to build converters to the exact specifications of different customers. 

They develop solutions for different applications and they always ensure their products are efficient and cost-effective which would make them accessible to different classes of people. In any list of electrical components manufacturing companies, Aimtec would always feature at the top part of the list with over 3500 electrical Components manufactured by them. Aimtec is a large company but they specialize in the manufacturing of converters.