The leading industry designs manufacture and markets high-performance interconnect systems for various motor control and heavy equipment applications. Besides interconnect systems, Amphenol Sine Systems specializes in a wide range of audio and entertainment lighting connectors. 

Headquartered in Michigan, Amphenol Sine Systems is majorly concerned with manufacturing, sales, engineering, and service operations. Products are built to meet customers’ specifications and quality standards. Whether in large or small quantities, products are cost-efficient and delivered timely to clients. 

Amphenol incorporates Program Management and Engineering to design affordable and reliable products in the market. Their manufacturing procedures, materials, and engineering comply with the approved standards of operation. High-performance, integrity, and cost-effectiveness are fundamentals at this subsidiary company. The ISO 9001 certified company has amassed prestigious awards for its quality services. This has earned them spots as one of the top electronic companies in the industry.

Amphenol has diversified markets for broadband communication, information technology, mobile networks, data communication equipment, military and commercial airspace, broadband communication, mobile devices, industrial and automotive. If you’re looking for a custom-built connector option or turnkey assembly solution, Amphenol Sine Systems seems like a good choice.