Bivar Electronics is a company that mainly manufactures various types of electronic devices. Bivar electronics was founded in 1952 by Alvin and Wendell Bivars, two brothers who were passionate about the consumer electronics industry. From their humble beginnings as an at-home storefront to today’s international corporation with manufacturing plants across Asia, Europe, and North America; they have been redefining what it means for consumers all over the world to experience high-quality sound technology from home stereos systems through personal stereo headphones up until now advanced speaker products such as subwoofers that reach bass frequencies not heard before on any other manufacturer’s product line!

From industrial applications to emerging markets, Bivar produce innovative designs for the next generation. The top company work alongside engineers to create technological solutions that make work and life easy for individuals. Their timely delivery makes them one of the leading industry leaders in the market. With various designs available on their platform, you’re assured of optimum and hassle-free solutions. Bivar is customer-centric, giving clients the privilege of conceptualizing their needs while creating designs and models that suit them.