BOPLA Enclosures is one of the expert designers, producers, and suppliers of electronics built from rubber and metals. The company also offers Human-Machine Interface software such as touch screens and keyboards (HMI) that enable users to operate the machine without any disturbance.

Additionally, BOPLA Enclosures produces over twenty-five thousand of some of the most dependable, high- quality and electronic components for safety insurance, telecommunication agencies, automotive, and others for performing different applications.

The company provides insight into the technical specification and the effect of quality materials and helps the user discover hidden pitfalls. Bipolar came in 1977 as a member of Swiss companies that supply ranges of enclosures to different countries.

Using current machines and professional engineers, marketers produce and supply effective enclosures to satisfy consumer needs.
The company is motivated to bring high-performance commodities, individual encouragement, and quick assistance to customers. Bopla Enclosures renders safe, quality, and lasting products to its esteemed customers.