Brady Corporation is a global manufacturer and marketer of integrated solutions that help keep buildings, people, and products secure. They provide safe products for all their customers to ensure maximum security and performance in working environments. 

Brady’s essential products include printing systems, software, high-quality signs, labels, and other safety products. Brady Corporation’s prominent figure has made its products highly demanded in electrical, construction, medical, telecommunications, and many more industries. 

Products made by Brady Corporation can be found nearly anywhere globally, including manufacturing plants, municipal areas, computers, aircraft, and cell phones. Brady Corporation is a global conglomerate with activities on all seven continents. 

We have the likes of the United States and Canada from North America, Mexico, and Brazil from the Southern American region. They also go as far as Europe, Asia, the Pacific region, Africa, and the Middle East, with almost worldwide coverage. Fiscal 2011 saw 43% of Brady’s sales come from the Americas, 30% from Europe, and 27% from Asia/Pacific. 

Brady Corporation aims to create unique products using its key expertise in slitting, coating, lamination, printing, die-cutting, adhesion promoters, print-and-apply, durable films, printer systems, security technologies, and software development industries.