Since 2002, Bridgelux has been one of the leading developers and producers of lighting solutions and technologies. They invite people, companies, and industries to experience the possibility and power of LED light. 

Bridgelux chips and LED arrays have successfully replaced standard lighting technologies with integrated, high-end lighting solutions, making it possible for their clients to provide energy-efficient, high performance, and cost-effective products for the commercial, outdoor and industrial markets. 

Bridgelux is proliferating, and everything they are committed to is entirely focused on understanding the impacts of light on human behavior. This helps them to provide products that create better experiences and environments. In addition, their products are backed by thoroughly researched, world-class engineering and, most importantly, human intuition. 

As a vertically positioned company, their process is flexible, so they scale quickly to adequately address all their customers’ needs, whether they are fixture manufacturers, lighting specifiers, or luminaire distributors.