For over 80 years, Bud Industries has been the United States of America’s leading electronic enclosure manufacturer for the data and electronics industries. Their headquarters is outside Cleveland, Ohio. 

Bud Industries was founded in 1928 only to manufacture radio antennas. Since then, Bud Industries has evolved to become a key producer of electronic enclosure products. They provide the quickest turnaround on cutouts and other regular modifications in the industry compared to other enclosure manufacturers. 

And they have a wide variety of products numbering up to 2,500. And these products include plastic electronic enclosures, large cabinet racks, small metal electronics enclosures, etc. The trademark of Bud Industries is competitive prices and swift delivery. 

They can achieve these because they have heavily invested in solid distribution partnerships, advanced robotic cutting equipment, an efficient fulfilling system, a heavily stocked in-house warehouse, and an efficient ordering system.