Bulgin limited is a major company that manufactures connectors and other mechanical and electrical components. Bulgin Limited has close to 100 years of experience in the industry and they continue to develop and manufacture products for their different types of customers across the globe. Bulgin designs its products to stand the test of time and last long regardless of the environmental condition. 

In 2016, in a bid to extend the reach of their engineering solutions to meet the numerous needs of the industry, Bulgin limited incorporated its sister company Arcolectric into the industry. Arcolectric is one of the many subsidiaries Bulgin limited has. The incorporation of Arcolectric has extended Bulgin’s to other range of components like electromechanical Switches. 

Bulgin Limited famous Buccaneer Circular Connector Range is known all around the industry as one of the best all-round connectors ever designed and manufactured. Bulgin Limited also has an extensive distribution channel that makes it easy for them to distribute their product and get feedback from customers to improve on their products. 

Bulgin has a quality process that is approved by ISO9001 and many other international approvals. Bulgin manufactures products in virtually all the categories that humans need.