Cal Test Electronics was founded in 1995. And since then, it has been serving the measurement and test industry with an extensive and complete line of high-quality test accessories. They have over 1,200 products in their catalog, with over 2,000 more for customization capabilities and particular orders. 

This wide range of products helps Cal Test meet and solve every challenge in the test accessory industry. They have primary products like test lead wires and banana jacks. They also offer specialized products such as differential probes and high voltage probes. 

The primary goal of Cal Test is to supply high-end and high-quality performance accessories at affordable prices. Cal Test is also committed to providing excellent customer service. 

Cal Test has evolved continuously to provide its clients with the products they need to complete their projects. They also pay a lot of attention to safety, as most of their products comply with some of the most strict environmental and safety standards in the world, including RoHS and IEC 61010-1 CAT III & CAT IV.