In 1998, CarlisleIT started to apply a plan to merge into advanced cable assemblies. Its primary goal was to produce effective, efficient, high-quality, high-density RF/Microwave cable assemblies for its clients. Since then, CarlisleIT has made more solutions while keeping the satisfaction of its customers in mind. It prides itself on focusing on the specific needs of its customers. 

CarlisleIT designs, develops, manufactures, tests, and delivers authentic, high-end, high-quality, and high-performance interconnect products. These products are made to improve the performance of their clients’ businesses significantly. They include custom high-frequency connectors, distinctive cable configurations, cable assemblies, contacts, exclusive complex structures, harnesses, and racks. 

CarlisleIT’s products are used in several industries, including Military, Industrial, Medical Technology, Space, Test and Measurement, and Aerospace. They also support and provide their clients in various sectors with certification and engineering services in addition to their wide range of products.