Central Semiconductor has been the industry’s foremost manufacturer of high-quality and advanced distinct semiconductors since 1974. They have an expansive inventory of surface mount, through-hole, and bare die. 

Central semiconductor uses these inventories to create different semiconductors for various usages, ranging from typical applications to particular applications. Through their discrete designs and exceptional teams, it’s easy to know that Central Semiconductor is driven by a pure passion for providing unique solutions to problems in the semiconductor industry. 

They also offer different product options, including taping and reeling, lead forming, lead plating, packing, parametric electrical testing, etc. Their semiconductors are used in various industries, including Communications, Medical, Consumer, Alternative Energy, Industrial/Scientific, etc. 

One of the distinctive advantages of Central Semiconductor is they also allow for custom services requests. So it doesn’t matter whether you are a garage engineer, industrial giant, or other industry; Central Semiconductor gives reliable and outstanding services.