CNC Tech is one of the leading manufacturers of interconnects and industrial connections, which are highly competitive in pricing and high quality. They are dedicated to giving their engineers and customers affordable connector lines and alternative cables for industrial facilities globally.

CNC Tech achieves this by designing, developing, and producing a wide range of power cords, standard cables, electric sockets, and connectors. CNC Tech pride itself on manufacturing durable and reliable standard cables and connectors for remarkable performance. This assures and satisfies their customers across all industries.

Their various product categories offer engineers around the globe the particular parts they want according to their applications and requirements. CNC Tech offers their product and services to several industries, including consumer electronics, data communication systems, automotive, aerospace, energy, defense, marine, lighting, and much more. They also provide custom solutions for cables and connectors according to the customers’ requirements. CNC Tech has been in existence since 2011, and they are currently located in Chandler, Arizona