Comchip aims to be a global leader in semiconductor solutions. The Taiwan-based company offers solutions and quality products at affordable rates. With branches in New York, Silicon Valley, and China, Comchip Technology is gradually expanding across the world. The leading company provides products such as bridge rectifiers, Zener diodes, TVs, Schottky diodes, and ESD surge protectors. 

Recently, they’ve delved into the production of power semiconductor devices like transistors and MOSFET. Product applications encompass the electronics industry, including industrial computers, lighting, automobile, medical, telecom, TFT-LCD panels, and consumer electronics. Comchip Technology strives to create high-quality and reliable products; thus, they ensure their laboratories, production facilities, and products comply with the current automotive industry requirements and standards such as ISO9001, ISO14001, AEC-Q101, and TS16949. 

The SMD diode specialist was named the largest domestic chip diode manufacturer in Taiwan in 2015. Regardless of your application, there’s an ideal diode for you. Diodes are used in personal computers, pagers, digital cameras, wireless, and portable devices. Comchip Technology has 24 completed patent technology applications and 14 patent certificates to their name. Bridge rectifiers and TVS are passed through UCL testing to improve security in safety devices.