Cornell Dubilier Electronics is a company of experts where they specialize in electronics. They work with companies to provide them the best solutions for their needs, whether it be electrical or electronic components that are being made from scratch and assembled by hand.

Cornell Dubilier Electronics provides businesses throughout North America with quality customized products ranging from LED lighting systems to capacitors on an assembly line basis and custom production services such as printed circuit board fabrication and aluminum extrusions.

Noted as the largest capacitor company in North America, Cornell Dubilier produces a wide range of electronic components, most especially capacitors comprising aluminum electrolytic capacitors, mica capacitors, AC film capacitors, and DC film capacitors. 

Based on the capacitor type, product testing (mechanical, thermal, and electrical) is often carried out to ascertain capacitors comply with the designated standard. Spurred by innovation, Cornell Dubilier has proceeded to improve capacitor technology by producing Flatpack aluminum electrolytic capacitors for new applications. The leading company offers product and technical support that you’ll find helpful.