Crydom is a child company of Sensata Technologies UK that deals with various contractors and solid-state relays that all have various designs, various mounts, and various current and voltage specifications. The solid-state relays produced by this company can control a vast majority of load types ranging from a thermal load, lighting load, motion load, and other energy device applications. 

This company was founded in 1960 and  fully committed to producing the best product that will be of great use to their numerous customers all over the globe. Sensata excels in various areas, including being top distributors in power management services, electrical security services, and sensing services. 

Their operations are carried out smoothly thanks to their various business facilities in thirteen countries. The efficiency of their products has made it possible for them to be utilized in various industries ranging from defense, automobile, aircraft, marine, and more. It is why their products play a significant role in improving the lives of millions of individuals around the world today.