CUI Inc is a major company in the production of electrical and mechanical technological products. CUI manufactures and distributes electromechanical products like inverters and so on. Some of their products are power filters, ac-dc converters, power supplies, and so on. 

CUI was founded in the year 1989 with its headquarters in Oregon, USA. CUI is one of the companies under the Bel Group of Companies. CUI Inc has attained a high level in the production of components with over 5000 products manufactured by them. Over the years of CUI Inc’s existence, they have maintained their reputation for delivering top-level products that have longevity and are environment friendly. 

CUI was introduced as a producer of oscilloscopes and other electromechanical components, at that time power supplies were just a side project but with time and the effort put into it, power supplies Components are the main products that CUI is famous for. 

CUI focuses mainly on the production of power tools, to make power accessible to customers in different fields. They have an avenue where customers can call in to collaborate with them on designs.