A leading provider of semiconductor solutions for over 40 years, Diotec Semiconductor AG is a renowned European brand with facilities in China, Slovenia, and India. They strive to provide excellent customer satisfaction through cutting-edge technology. With many years of experience in producing semiconductor chips, it’s not surprising that they’ve become a household name in the semiconductor industry. 

Diotec boasts over 250 employees worldwide and spreads its tentacles across every continent. Diotec offers a wide range of products in the market, from signal diodes to transistors and protection devices. Its applications are seen in industries, lighting, consumer, energy, and automotive sectors. 

With innovation and customer success forming their core values, Diotec has climbed the ladder of success by forming a partnership with the electromechanical supplier, BD Electronics, Ltd. Their expertise, innovations, and customer service enables them to thrive in the competitive market. 

The semiconductor chips, configuration leads, packages, among others, are customized according to the client’s specifications. Their experts at Diotec know the ropes of semiconductor production, from wafer and chip production to assembly, testing, and packaging. Diotec is pegged as a market leader in the semiconductor industry with various products and the fastest delivery time.