DiTom Microwave has been in existence since 1987, and they currently function out of Fresno, California. They are a global leading manufacturer and supplier of high quality and high-end connectorized RF circulators and isolators. 

The primary objective of DiTom is to provide excellent high-quality, and efficient RF products with lead time, customer service, and industry-leading quality to their customers. They also supply circulators and isolators solutions from 400MHz to 43.5GHz. 

DiTom Microwave offers its products and services to various industries, including military aerospace, COTS, Hi-Rel space flights. Their products can also be used in several applications. 

They also collaborate with some of the biggest ferrite and electronic distributors worldwide. And in their quest to further serve their customers better, DiTom maintains a thorough test lab on-site to supply customers with the fastest turn environmental testing with MIL-STDs or custom profiles.