Fanstel was established in 1990 as a manufacturer of Caller ID products. Their main business was making caller ID products for phone companies. A partial list of our customers: Verizon, AT&T (SBC), Sprint, British Telecom, and Telmex (Mexico). Their products evolved from the original Caller ID boxes to VoIP solutions for enterprise, Android desktop phones, and specialized phones for the hearing impaired.

Fanstel Corp. delivers certified wireless solutions supporting security. They offer Bluetooth, Thread, Zigbee modules, and IoT gateways to connect to the cloud. Their superior antenna circuit enables the longest Bluetooth 5 connection, with a range of up to 1350 metres or 4400 feet at a 1 Mbps data rate. Most modules have a compatible footprint. They can be used on a host board to meet the range, features, and cost target of an individual product in a series.