For over 65 years, Finder has focused its entire efforts on manufacturing high-quality and high-end products. Finder manufactures quality solid-state relays(SSR), Electromechanical relays, and timers with various accessories for experts in challenging industrial environments. 

Today, Finder has over 12,400 products in its portfolio, including relay accessories, industrial relays, step relays, relay sockets, light-dependent relays, and other solutions for commercial and residential applications, miniature and ultra-slim relays, power relays, etc. 

With Finder’s headquarters in Europe and its significant national and international presence, it is no doubt, a multinational organization that believes in its everlasting relationship with its clients and the quality of its solutions and services. All Finder’s production line of high-quality timers and relays are RoHS and CE compliant. 

The products are also compliant with other various national and international standards, which makes them exceptionally effective for projects that will traverse numerous borders. All Finder’s products are subjected to strict scrutiny and daily controls. This helps Finder to significantly improve its operations while protecting the environment.