A pioneer in creating frequency control technology, Fox Electronics has been producing many cutting-edge products for over 40 years. These products enhance quartz crystal, improve the efficiency of clock oscillators, promote reliability, accuracy, and stability. They’re known to meet shorter lead times, manage product needs and design. 

Fox Electronics is powered by Abracon, a passive component that provides the latest design support and flexibility for customer service. Situated in Fort Myers, Florida, the frequency control supplier has a proven track record of product innovation. Fox Electronics has a long-standing reputation for delivering excellent customer support and customized solutions. The industry leader offers services to many industries, including medical, automotive, IoT, defense, and others. 

In 2020, Abracon acquired Fox Electronics, thereby expanding its frequency control and products portfolio. Combining Fox Electronics’ range of products and Abracon’s existing portfolio has increased its market position and sales. Popular in the frequency control market, Fox Electronics is the foremost company to produce quick-turn crystal oscillators with improved functionality. They’ve also modified vibration-resistant crystals (C3VR and the automotive version C3VA) for use in the telecom, military, and automotive industry. Fox Electronics balances quality, technology, and design in its products.