GeneSIC Semiconductor is one of the global leaders in providing Silicon Carbide technology solutions. And they are also committed to producing high-power Silicon technologies. Most popular and global leading manufacturers of defense and industrial systems depend on GeneSIC’s solutions to significantly improve their products’ efficiency and overall performance. 

GeneSIC Semiconductor also plays a significant role in conserving energy in many high power systems. Their solutions ensure that harvesting renewable energy sources is efficient. As a result, GeneSIC’s Semiconductor components run faster, more relaxed, and more economically. 

They have the leading patents on comprehensive bandgap power device technologies, projected to reach $1 billion in 2022. Their products comply with numerous national and international standards, including REACH, RoHS, etc. 

GeneSIC is dedicated to supplying halogen-free components to promote the protection of the environment and human health. They can achieve this by carefully examining the properties of the chemical substances they use.