Glenair company is a technology products company that designs and manufactures electro-technological devices used in engineering. They specifically focus on the manufacturing of electrical connector devices. 

The products’ quality is military and commercial grades, which can meet industrial and individual usage, meeting requirements and expectations from an electronic interconnector. 

Glenair is keen on meeting your needs, with their standard orders, technical said and the fields biggest manufacturer of commercial electrical connectors devices. 

The company prides and stands on their long-standing culture of producing devices in their large quality-controlled plants across all their production sites. 

The company’s philosophy is on its belief in rendering quality, affordable electro-technological products to enhance development cooperatively and individually. 

Glenair was founded in 1956 and began operating fully in 1957, with its headquarters in Glendale, United States, Gleaner has employed over 30,000 workers who ensure the company’s products are top-notch. 

Glenair is ever increasing in quality and quantity, with good manufacturing sites being moved to continue production in Estonia, Mexico, India, and China.