HALO Electronics was incorporated in 1991, and it is a privately owned company. HALO designs and produces various LAN products such as common mode filters, fiber channel transformers, token ring magnetics, a complete line of integrated RJ45 fast jacks, and a discrete ethernet transformer. 

These products are IEEE 802.3 compliant. They are also a leading global supplier of magnetics like common-mode rejection chokes, digital line interface magnetics, and T1/E1 magnetic transformers for telecom applications. 

HALO also provides DC/DC PoE and PoE plus transformers, isolated transformers for H-bridge and push/pull circuits, power inductors available in shield molded options, and shield drum core and drum core. 

Their wide range of small surface-mount shielded digital audio transformers have low Cw/w, a wide frequency bandwidth of 10kHz to 200MHz, and integrated shields for improved CMR performance. Their products are high quality and cost-effective.