Harwin Plc was founded in 1952 and had its headquarters situated in Hampshire, UK. They are committed to delivering high-quality and reliable interconnects effective at home and in different industries. 

Their components are practical in aviation, Space, Medical application, metering & measurement, Defense, etc. In addition, for better product delivery, Harwin has outlets in more than 50 locations worldwide to enable you to select your specific product need. 

Their customer reviews are excellent as there is no adverse comment about any of their services. If you have a preferred component for your design, reach out to their representative to get it manufactured for you in no time. Likewise, their engineers are knowledgeable with numerous years of experience in their specific field.

Periodically, they constantly introduce new designs to the market for end-user satisfaction. Although there are numerous producers of electrical & mechanical components, Harwin is one of the best worldwide.