HONGFA was founded in 1984 and is a global leader in manufacturing electromechanical relays. They initially produced electro-acoustic equipment before focusing on designing, developing, and manufacturing relays. 

HONGFA makes more than one billion relays per year. And their production facilities of one million square meters are constructed to continue the successful growth path. HONGFA’s production lines that are fully automated are more than 80%, and they are built and designed in-house. 

They have also successfully gotten the leading market position in Latching(power bistable), and Power(General purpose) relays. And this has significantly increased the importance of signal, automotive, and industrial relays. 

HONGFA has proved its technical capabilities with its world-class HVDC products energy and e-mobility management system. They also run a VDE recognized test lab. HONGFA Europe was founded in 2013, and it currently hosts HONGFA’s central warehouse. They are also able to keep close contact with their European customers.