Intersil is one of the pioneer semiconductor companies established in the early days. Reinvention seems to be their philosophy at this American semiconductor company. They first started out producing chips for electronic watches before delving into power management chips for satellites and personal computers. Their applications are also seen in infrastructure, automotive, industrial, and aerospace. 

From acquiring Harris Semiconductor to manufacture microprocessors and establishing market leadership, Intersil has made incredible feats over the years. They became a subsidiary of Renesas Electronics Corporation, a Japanese semiconductor company, on February 24, 2017. Intersil specializes in power management solutions to prolong battery life and improve energy efficiency. 

They have an extensive portfolio of intellectual property, design, and innovation processes. Thus, Intersil is rated among the leading companies in the world’s largest markets. Their comprehensive set of analog and digital controllers, power modules, and regulators are used in smart homes, medical devices, test and measurement systems. With increased data traffic in cloud-based applications, there’s a need for advanced power management. This has spurred the manufacture of products with high efficiency and power density.