Isocom Components has been a leading manufacturer of optocouplers and Opto switches. They manufacture high-quality and efficient infrared optoelectronics devices. They are experts in commercial and industrial sensors/Opto switches, isolators/optocouplers, and other discrete infrared and optoelectronics products. Isocom Components have also exceeded their customers’ expectations to become one of the most respected organizations in the optoelectronics industry. 

Isocom provides highly competitive products drop-in replacements for all well-known optocouplers industries. Isocom has a wide range of high-quality products, including emitters, detectors, sensors, optical switching products, hybrid circuits, etc. 

These products can also be used in various applications, including smart meters, lighting market, gas detection or monitoring, instrumentation, power supply units, industrial controls, medical, power protection products, telecommunications, automation, set-top box, etc. 

Isocom’s optocouplers had been tested by many famous companies and organizations like NASA, CERN, etc. All of Isocom’s products are RoHS compliant. Their components can also be delivered safely all over the world.