The California-based company has a global reputation as a pioneer in producing semiconductors, integrated circuits, and RF power. These products help to control electrical voltage for maximum electrical transmission, using a small amount of energy. IXYS boasts over 2500 customers worldwide, spanning from industrial to telecommunication, computer, transportation, medical and tech markets. IXYS strives to develop technology-based products to boost energy conversion, create clean energy, promote automation and offer cutting-edge products in the telecommunication, medical and transportation industries. 

Due to reducing resources and need for cheap energy, IXYS adopts new technologies in decreasing energy costs and use by increasing energy efficiency of products. IXYS has offices spread across Asia, North America and Europe with over 1000 skilled workers. The semiconductor company has climbed the ladder of success over the years, acquiring Westcode and Samsung Electronics’ 4- and 8-bit microcontroller business. There’s no slowing down for IXYS as they have gone ahead to achieve milestones.