Over more than 140 years, Knipex has amassed a vast amount of manufacturing expertise, which is present in every pair of KNIPEX pliers.

Always better pliers are the guiding philosophy of Knipex, to which they commit everything of their expertise and originality. Knipex creates new pliers and improves the design of current versions to make work even more efficient and straightforward.

Their drive is to constantly develop innovative, industry-setting solutions, such as novel means of force transmission, more user-friendly tools with quicker response times, integrating several functions into a single device, and creative solutions for unique problems. By doing so, you can work more efficiently and provide better outcomes.

Over 400 Kinpex devices hold specialized expertise accumulated over many generations. Many of the machines are custom-built by us; others are bought and modified to meet our unique needs. They frequently also write the code for the programs that operate and run the devices themselves.