Kontron is one of the leading manufacturers of internet of things(IoT)/embedded computing technology(ECT) solutions. As an integral sector of the S&T technology group, Kontron provides discrete solutions in industry 4.0 and embedded computing technology(ECT) through their portfolio, which combines software, hardware, and services. 

Kontron also produces numerous standards that control the embedded computing technology(ECT) industry and platforms through its employees in development and research. Kontron also offers innovative and secure applications for various industries with customized and standard products based on high-end, reliable, and world-class technologies. 

This results in many benefits for the customers, including lower total cost of ownership, accelerated time-to-market, excellent fully-integrated applications, local engineering and support, and extended product life cycles. 

Kontron’s only vision is to become the number one trusted manufacturer of embedded computing technology(ECT) and the internet of things(IoT) guide.