If you are looking for a reputable American company that is a veteran of programmable logic devices, Lattice Semiconductor is the best option for you. Over the years, they have continued developing and upgrading components essential to day-to-day human activities. In 2019, a financial organization announced this multinational company’s net worth as more than 40 million dollars. 

Their commitment to delivering top-notch components has made people prefer them to other brands. Some of their organization subsidiaries include Silicon Image GmbH, DVDO Inc, Silicon Image, Lattice Sg Pte. Ltd, among others. Note that each subsidiary has its production niche to ensure you enjoy the best appliances or gadgets.

This corporation was founded in 1983 and had more than 700 staff strengths. Their employees are certified and periodically undergo training to ensure better service delivery to clients.  They became public a few years after being founded in 1983 and were first known as LSCC on the NASDAQ stock exchange.  

In 2019, Lattice Semiconductor was among the top three world best producers of programmable gate arrays (FPGA). On occasions, they receive merit for their commitment to human development.