The Taiwanese company is an industry leader in optoelectronics and electronic modules. Established in 1975, Lite-On Technology is the first electronic company in Taiwan. The primary markets of their products include cloud computing, 5G, automotive electronics, etc. Lite-On Technology aims to improve and promote smart life through its high-quality and varied products and services. 

The pioneer group studies market trends and uses their expertise to meet customers’ needs. Their vision “Best Partner in Opto-Electronic, Eco-Friendly and Intelligent Technologies” is depicted in their services. Lite-On is a top supplier of storage devices, information technology, and optoelectronics. 

Before now, Lite-On was mainly focused on IT, but today, they’ve broadened their scope to cloud computing, 5G, automotive, among others. They prioritize quality, integrity, and innovation. This is evident in the production of goods and their services. High-quality standards form the core principle of every activity at Lite-On. Though the pioneer company aims to generate revenue, increase profit margin and cash flow, quality is the bedrock of their services at Lite-On. So it’s not surprising that they’re ranked among the largest OEMs in the world.