About 91 percent of the total enterprise in Germany are businesses run by families; Lumberg Holding GmbH & Co.kg is not an exception. It is a family business that has been in existence for over 88 years. They are among the leading economic forces in the business industry. They have made 48 percent of exchanges and offer not less than 56 percent of jobs in Germany.

Lumberg Holding Company has set itself apart with outstanding qualities with its quick decision-making mediums, family-like environment, precision products, innovative processes, specialization in particular business fields, and enthusiasm for creative solutions. 

The core specialization of Lumberg Company is sales, production, and manufacturing of electronic and electromechanical elements. Therefore, they can only access private data and cookies. Also, they only use exact geolocation information and identification via gadget scanning with permission from their customers.

Lumberg Company belongs to the AISG (Antenna Interface Standards Group). They know and assist different needs such as tablets, navigation procedures, and its request for miniaturized connectors, mobile consumer electronics manufacturing smartphones, eBook readers, and a portable radio infrastructure network with mobile phone towers.