M.G. Chemicals was established in 1995 and came to be among the leading companies manufacturing and distributing a wide range of chemical products to electronics industries.

The company specializes in producing chemical products such as grease, adhesive, flux cleanser, 3D painting materials, electronics prototyping, etc.

In February 1996, M.G Chemicals obtained its International Organization for Standardization form and number (ISO 9001). They have been operating under their standardization authority to manufacture and supply standard products that would meet users’ needs and specifications.

Additionally, M.G Chemicals also offer non-chemicals products such as cuticles, cleanser, and desoldering wicks to remove unwanted solder using flux and braided copper wire.

Furthermore, M.G. Chemicals provide EMI/RFI shielding coatings and thermal conducting products to support auto electronic gadgets and routes effectively and protect against unwanted deterioration.