NAND Flash, NOR Flash, and ROM varieties are available from Macronix International, a leading global device developer in the NVM market. Macronix continues to provide its clients in the commercial, telecommunication, computer, industrial, automobile, and connectivity industries with high-quality, creative, and highly efficient solutions thanks to its top-notch R&D and production capabilities.

Founded in 1989 at Taiwan’s Science Park in Hsinchu, Macronix International started as a software development company. As soon as Macronix was established, it prioritized developing cutting-edge domestic innovations and increasing its production capabilities to provide superior products to its clients. 

Macronix has successfully formed impressive strategic partnerships and long-term connections with renowned companies at the top of the food chain. Macronix also adheres to the highest criteria of monopolistic governance, boosting the interests of shareholders and promoting ethical objectives. 

The CG6002 credential was given to Macronix by the Corporate Governance Association. Right in Hsinchu Science Park, where it was founded, Macronix International became the first manufacturer of semiconductors to be accredited to the Social Accountability International Standard. As a leader in creative application-driven technologies and services. Macronix is committed to delivering cutting-edge technology and the greatest level of support to its customers.