Since its inception, Marquardt Switches has been an organization that combines pioneering spirit with endurance. It is committed to creating new records in the switches world. It also provides its clients with market-oriented and high-end switch solutions.  

Marquardt Switches has a wide range of switch products, including slide switches, eco switches, rocker switches, tact, key switches, pushbutton switches, footswitches, snap-action switches, and toggle switches. And these products can be used in various applications across diverse industries. 

It doesn’t matter if you are looking for switches and sensors for cleaning and drive technology, all types of kitchen appliances, air conditioning, and heating technology, etc., or standard switches to be used in the electrical appliance industry, large automatic manufacturing lines, Marquardt Switches will deliver, meet and exceed your expectations. 

Marquardt sensors and switches are found in various applications, including household appliances, industrial and HVAC equipment, electrical appliances, automobiles, etc. The ability of Marquardt Switches to provide their clients with the particular solutions they need makes it a global leader in the sensor and switches industry