Existing for over 39 years, MEAN WELL ranks among the top manufacturers of power supply products. Based on a report released by Micro Technology in March 2021, MEAN WELL is ranked 4th place among the world’s power supply manufacturers. MEAN WELL has 5 subsidiaries operating in Taiwan, China, the USA, and Europe. 

These subsidiary companies are MEAN WELL, MEAN WELL USA Inc., MEAN WELL Guangzhou Electronics Co, Ltd., MEAN WELL Europe BV, and SuZhou MEAN WELL Technology Co., Ltd. By instilling innovation and reliability into their very core, MEAN WELL has built long-lasting relationships with its customers and employees. 

Committed to promoting technology, culture, and environmental protection, the leading company has become a global leader in the power supply industry. MEAN WELL believes quality assurance is vital to sustainable growth and customer experience. They serve various industries such as telecom, medical, energy, among others.