Molex is a manufacturer and distributor of electronic, electrical, and fiber optic connector systems. They are recognized worldwide as a provider of technological solutions offering over 100,000 products in various fields, including data communications, consumer electronics, medicals, and industrial automotive and commercial vehicles. 

The company started by making flower pots from industrial byproducts of plastic called Molex. Eventually modified, they manufactured connectors for General Electric (GE) and other manufacturers. In 2006 Molex acquired Woodhead Industries, the most significant acquisition in the industry at the time. And ever since has retained the name and continued with its excellent production of electronics globally. 

Molex philosophy of innovation is that tool is essential and crucial to solving complex customer problems, this is displayed in the 40 manufacturing plants present in 19 countries, 

The company was founded in 1938, and its headquarters are situated in Lisle and Illinois in the United States of America.