For the past 114 years, Muller Electric Company has been known to design, develop and manufacture products that are reliable, durable, and have high quality. 

Muller Electric has metamorphosed from being the innovator and manufacturer of alligator chips into a significant supplier of a wide range of products. Their extensive products include instrumentation cables made in different configurations such as M12, M5, M23, and M8 assembly categories. 

Muller Electric is widely recognized for manufacturing high-quality and high-end products for several industries, including aviation, transportation, automobile, oil and gas, construction, military, industrial automation, etc. 

Muller Electric can also design and manufacture custom products for their client’s specific needs. These customers’ products include sensing leads and grounding assemblies, cables, and other electrical parts such as test leads, plugs, an array of clips, connectors, jacks, terminals, etc. Also, all Muller Electric’s products are tested comprehensively for compliance and safety.