NTE Electronics was founded in 1979 and has been the leading supplier and distributor of ECG and NTE brand electronic components. NTE Electronics grew from a small-scale supplier with about ten semiconductors to the biggest aftermarket semiconductor supplier in the industry. 

Their NTE brand semiconductor has a wide range of products, including binding posts and banana sockets, AC-DC adapters, bulbs, capacitors, cable ties, and wire management products, fans, circuit breakers, fuses, resistors, switches, soldier wicks, LED strips, and lighting, heat shrink tubing, potentiometers and trimmers, optoelectronics devices, relays and contactors, terminal blocks, etc. 

At the same time, their ECG brand semiconductors’ products include ECG surge protectors, ECG brand aerosol chemicals, ECG heat guns, ECG electric/butane soldering, ECG test equipment, etc. NTE Electronics’ 40,000 square-foot headquarters is in Bloomfield, NJ houses. From there, NTE Electronics can supply electronic devices to their ever-increasing customer base.