NXP is a specialist in providing semiconductor solutions for various purposes. It was founded on August 2, 2006, with its headquarters located in Eindhoven, Netherlands.

NXP are leading manufacturers focused on producing top-notch solutions to satisfy the system and subsystem needs of customers. NXP aims to create viable solutions aimed at enhancing smart world secure connections. It takes advantage of its great knowledge in High-Performance Mixed Signal (HPMS) electronics.

NXP drives innovation in various industries, such as mobile, automotive, and identification. Its semiconductor solutions are also useful and effective in areas such as healthcare, wireless infrastructure, computing, lighting, industrial, and consumer technology. Some of its popular product range include Power Architecture Arm Processors and Arm MCUs.

NXP offers a vast array of standard semiconductor components like small-signal, integrated, and power discrete.

Globally, NXP Semiconductors provides HPMS for power management, radio frequency (RF), security, analog, interface, and digital processing products.

The company’s product is specially designed to cater to audio and visual unit applications like single-chip and multi-standard radio solutions, power analog products, and audio amplifiers. The power management solutions, microcontroller and sensors, dual-way secure entry products, radar, and vision solutions are all part of what NXP products cater to.

Also, safe ID solutions like the microcontroller devices, RF connectivity devices, and operating system (OS) for data encryption and decryption of data and its interaction with readers’ infrastructure systems are some of the services NXP Semiconductors offer.

NXP Tech for the Internet of Things (IoT)

NXP is expanding its frontiers in the IoT as they target providing services to the IoT markets such as:

  • Smart Home, Device, and Control
  • Smart Office, Appliance, and Audio
  • Emerging Consumer and Retail