Existing for over 95 years, Ohmite is a leading provider of the most stable resistors with high current and high voltage. Their products are actively deployed in the medical, industrial, aerospace, and military fields. Ohmite has a broad network of distributors and sales representatives, enabling them to meet the global market’s needs. As a result, the renowned company has continued to grow at a fast pace. 

Hence, they’ve acquired Vishay’s Angstrohm Rheostat and Ultronix Precision Resistor. In addition, Ohmite has collaborated with Heico Companies LLC to offer optimum customer satisfaction. Ohmite is an authority figure in resistor design and manufacturing. They have a broad line of resistors such as chip resistors, thick film resistors, and solution. The leading company was initially geared at producing carbon and wire-wound for the radio manufacturing industry. 

Over time, the vision evolved from simple resistive components to innovative design. This saw the company acquiring more properties and forming partnerships with other companies. The crux of their service at Ohmite is product availability. They ensure products are made according to customers’ specifications.