The company is a manufacturer of technological products that designs and manufactures electro-technological devices used in engineering. The company supplies companies across sectors of telecommunication, automotive, computers, consumer, aerospace. 

With its headquarters in Phoenix, Arizona, United States. With over 36,000 employees across their plants globally. 

The firm has been able to assist customers in creating efficient technology designs. It achieves this by reducing the manufacturer’s system production cost by supplying finished and ready products and enabling their customers to reduce time-to-market, hence enhancing delivery speed. 

The company’s production philosophy has its root on the belief that supporting technology advancement needs to foster development in humanity. With operations fully functional across America and over a hundred-and-twenty thousand customers across different sectors, the company still maintains its brief for quality and durable tech designs. 

ON semiconductors was founded in 1999. Keith D. Jackson currently manages the company. They have been consistent with this following their consecutive process, with over other processor sizes at the same affordable costs.