Piher was founded in 1950 in Barcelona, Spain. It is a leading global organization that focuses on innovative Human-Machine Interface(HMI) solutions. Piher is an exclusive producer of custom and standard sensor and controls solutions. 

Piher also has superb performance in electronic components and is a specialist in contactless technologies in the automotive, marine, aerospace, appliance, industrial and off-road industries. With over 70 years of perfecting automation, product designs, and process stability for standard and customized controls and sensors with high quality applicable in harsh environments, Piher has proven to be an organization with a legacy their customers can trust. 

Their products are used in a wide range of applications, including Climate control, instrumentation/industrial, medical, automotive Adaptive Front Lighting(ADF), Power tools, Consumer appliances, Off-highway vehicles, etc. Piher is constantly pursuing the most cost-effective solution to meet their clients’ particular needs. So, it doesn’t matter what your needs are, Piher will surely deliver.