Qualcomm was founded in 1985, and it’s an inventive global leader in mobile technology. They consistently strive to change the wireless system positively. A high percentage of the applications used today in the Internet of Things(IoT), healthcare, networking industry, etc., including devices, are enhanced using Qualcomm’s advanced modems, chipsets, and system-on-chips. 

Qualcomm is dedicated to inventing breakthrough technology solutions that transform how we communicate, compute and connect. Numerous products are made possible because of Qualcomm, including connectivity solutions that ensure you stay connected to the internet even in remote areas. Also, 5G-enabled smartphones with great cameras and function as gaming devices, technology that powers connected and intelligent facilities. And 5G that makes the environment safer with the smart edifice, etc. Qualcomm is committed to manufacturing innovative solutions that deliver outstanding value to its customers across diverse industries.