Ricoh electronic device company is a Japan-based organization that produces ICs for copiers. They venture into a range of electronic devices and are known manufacturers of clocks, power management, and other devices. The company began production in 1981 and acquired others that specialize in manufacturing different household and industrial items. If you need an organization that produces top-quality electronic devices, consider the Ricoh device company.

The organization has a niche of production and sales of different designs of electronic devices, among other services. Satoru Taji, the president of Ricoh, announced a few years ago that his organization is worth more than 100 million yen as the profit margin continues to surge.

The significant shareholders include Nisshinbo Holdings Inc.(80%) and Ricoh Co., Ltd (20%). Ricoh device Ltd. has a vision of continuous production of secure, trusted, and efficient semiconductors across different locations worldwide. The company is also committed to utilizing natural resources to manufacture components to ensure a safe environment.

With over 30 years of experience, Ricoh understands the importance of semiconductors to medical, aerospace, mechanical, and other industries. Hence, they are committed to manufacturing and distributing their products for customers to have a better experience.